Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent Review

Arizona GT Tent

What is your thought about arizona gt tent? Well, let me say something: Getting a reliable and bigger tent is a good move before going out group camping because doing so assures you that the possibly harsh conditions experienced outdoors can be handled well.

But as the number of best family tents on the market continues to increase, selecting the best from what’s available might not be that easy. Due to this, outdoor experts recommend that buyers should stick to reliable products, just like the Arizona GT Sports Camping Tent.

Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent

The Arizona GT Sports Camping Tent is a popular family camping tent. It’s capable of accommodating up to 10 occupants. Its center height is about 6.7 feet which provide an ample amount of headroom for the occupants to comfortably stand whilst inside the tent.

The Arizona GT Sports Camping Tent is made of durable polyester. The outer material is Polyester Taffeta 68D while the interior is Polyester Mesh. It has a detachable room divider that divides the tent into two rooms for privacy and comes with 2 doors and 3 windows that are responsible for keeping the tent well-ventilated.

In terms of durability, the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent is a top performer. Its materials are durable enough to withstand rain and strong winds outdoors. The polyester used in it is relatively thin but fire-retardant.

It’s equipped with Nano-flex fiberglass poles with lesser memory but extra strength necessary for flexibility and stability. In addition to that, the tent’s other metal parts and ferrules are gold-plated, making them resistant to rust.

Unlike the other, bigger tent models, the Arizona GT Tent can be easily assembled and disassembled. Arizona does not require any tools since the poles can be easily connected and slipped through the polyester sheet. It also comes with durable ears where the strings can be attached and tied to the pegs for added stability.

Pros of Arizona GT Tent

  • Comes with a functional design
  • Made of waterproof and fire-retardant polyester
  • Fully ventilated
  • Comes with 2 doors and 3 windows
  • Provides ample interior space for 10 persons and generous headroom
  • Features a durable and seamless flooring
  • Fully covered by a rain fly
  • Equipped with nano-flex poles and other gold plated metal parts
  • The poles are not made of non-recycled materials, thus are very flexible
  • The tent’s doors provide easy access while the windows improve ventilation
  • Can be easily assembled and disassembled
  • Comes with a detachable divider

Cons of Arizona GT Tent

  • Can only be divided to two rooms
  • Has lesser doors and windows compared to other similarly priced models
  • Might not be shipped in several countries
  • Might not be readily available in several areas in the US

Many group campers consider the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent a good buy due to its functional design, stable construction and fire-retardant material. In addition to that, the tent can be easily set up and carried even along long trails.

Aside from the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent, the Wenzel Timber Ridge Tent- 10 Person and Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Person are also popular since both of these are capable of accommodating up to 10 sleepers. Some of their characteristics, however, differ in certain ways.

The Wenzel Timber Ridge Tent- 10 Person is family camping tent equipped with a comfortable walk-in design, high-ceiling construction and 2-room layout. Arizona has a floor area of 160 square feet which is enough for 10 occupants. It has 2 “D” doors in the front and back and windows on the sides that provide the tent with good ventilation. And also Arizona provides a stable structure when assembled and prevents water from coming in.

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent- 10 Person also belongs to the family camping tent category. It’s made of nylon and can conveniently accommodate 10 sleepers. Arizona has 2 “D” doors with hoop fly frame that protects its occupants from the rain. And it’s windows and doors have mesh that allows fresh air to enter the tent and keep it well-ventilated.

But despite the similarities among their features, many campers still go for the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent since this provides a few advantages the other two do not.


Although the family camping tents provided above are almost identical when it comes to basic features, the Arizona GT Tent still remains the best option among the three since it has a more functional design. The waterproofing and the ventilation system it provides are more effective compared to the other two. Finally, the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent is the only product among the three which is made of a fire-retardant material.


Last updated on May 26, 2022 6:38 am