Best Camping Checklist

Spontaneity is the secret behind every memorable adventure but if certain impediments can be rectified from the start, then why not avail of the remedy? Innovations of today guarantee a camping or hiking expedition devoid of the regular mishaps. Glance through the rest of the article to cross check whether you have all the essentials packed inside your camping trunk. If you forget to take anything you will not able to manage that one from your camping place. So it is better if you read this best camping checklist article before close your camping trunk.

Essentials for Best Camping Checklist

Tent & Sleeping Bag

It would defeat the purpose of camping to take off without a tent and sleeping bag. No doubt, some campers have no qualms when it comes to stealing forty winks in the middle of the woods but if safety is your top criterion, it is wise to invest in a tent. Besides, you can’t call yourself a true camper if you aren’t adroit at pitching tents. A sleeping bag enables you to stuff all your basic travel necessities into a compact space that morphs into your bed at night.

Flint Fire Starter

What do you do when you run out of matchsticks and you desperately need to start a fire to keep warm or to cook your catch of the day? This product not only comes to your rescue but it also takes you back to the caveman days. Flint fire starters are now easily available in the market at fabulous rates. They are lightweight, easy to use and they start a fire even when wet.

All you have to do is pick up the metal striker and shave off tiny bits of magnesium into a pile of dried leaves or paper and you have a campfire! Vaseline and cotton balls also work very well to help start the fire.

Headlamp or Torch

A checklist comes in handy only because it reminds us of the most obvious items to grab hold of. Without a headlamp or torch, haunting sounds will abound and you might be very uncomfortable before arriving at the appropriate spot. Moreover, if you are a fan of spelunking, don’t dismiss the headlamp!

Pelican Cases

Along with your tent and fire starter, you decide to carry your I pad or your Android phone, how do you salvage the life of your micro best friend? Say hello to pelican cases, widely known for their watertight properties. They are essentially molded plastic cases that come with a watertight and gasket. When the air pressure alternates, its barometric relief system helps in preventing pressure problems to the case and its contents.

Camping Stove

Camping stove will always help you in heating and cooking your food and also your breakfast. What will happen in case the place you go is very cold those hours of early morning? Camping stove also help to warm you self and your surrounding so that your camping site should feel much comfortable and enjoy your hike.


There are a great deal of best Camping Checklist must haves however, once you have the essentials in place; everything else should come together. Invest in quality to save any issues and take the time to research what is available and what can be used to make your camping trip as enjoyable as ever.

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