Coleman Youth Self-Inflating Camp Pad

One of the most difficult things about camping is that you have to forgo the comfort of your nice warm bed in pursuit of outdoor bliss. However, with the right camping pad, you get to enjoy a peaceful night of undisturbed sleep after a long day outdoors. The Coleman Youth self-inflating camp pad is one of the best in the market of best camping accessories with features. That will have your kids swearing. That they spent the night at home and not out in the wild.


  • Free Flow Valve for Inflation and DeflationThis feature allows inflation and deflation without the need to use a pump or any extra force. This makes it perfect for children to use without the help of adults.
  • Polyester ShellThe material is waterproof and therefore usable even when there is a risk of the tent floor getting wet. The material also makes it easy to clean and maintain ensuring durability.
  • Hook and Loop Elastic on the ShellThis keeps the pad rolled up or folded when deflated for storage and transport.
  • Weight and Other MeasurementsWhen deflated, the tent measures a mere 1.6 pounds for easy and convenient transport. When inflated, it measures 49 inches by 20 inches by 1 inch which is the perfect size for children and even adults below 5 feet tall.
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Last updated on January 6, 2022 3:04 am

Why You Need Coleman Youth Self-Inflating Camp Pad?

Children are generally less resilient than adults are and are definitely more likely to have a harder time sleeping on the ground. This makes the Coleman youth camp pad necessary to ensure that they have a good night’s sleep to enjoy the day’s adventures. The size makes it easy for the child to set up, use and carry around while not in use. The self-inflating feature also serves the purpose of making life easier for the young ones. O if you are planning on going camping with children or teenagers then you will definitely need one of these.

How to Use Coleman Youth Self-Inflating Camp Pad?

The self-inflating nature makes the use of the Coleman Youth camp pad a complete breeze. All you have to do is to unfold it and open the air free flow valve. In just a matter of minutes, you will have a fully inflated air matress comfortable and ready for use. Close the valve to keep the air trapped. To set down, open the valve again and allow the air to flow out then fold and pack up. It’s easy as pie.