What Is The Difference Between Family Vacation & Family Camping?

In as much as there are no hard and fast rule about how to differentiate the two, camping can be considered a form of vacationing. Camping tends to take the form of an outdoorsy stay in a tented shelter out in the wilderness with little to no amenities. Meanwhile vacationing tends to be more luxurious, detailed and homier. Camping tends to have a minimalist, sacrificial yet adventurous feel to it. It keeps you connected to the natural world in a deep and meaningful way.

General Hygiene

A family vacationing usually takes place in hotels and suites where cleanliness and hygiene take on a premium priority. However, when it comes to camping, you’ll spend most of your time outdoors. Sometimes the kids soil their clothes at the baby swings as soon as they leave the shower. While hygiene is a priority, the standards are far much less strict than when it comes to camping. Camping means you’ll mostly likely dress in sporty clothing and warm attires outdoors. The frills such as television, bar soaps, hot shower, comfy beds and other amenities are only the stuff of vacations. When camping, such items might prove to be unavailable or prove to be extra and unnecessary luggage.

Kid Friendliness

Vacations tend to be much more comfortable than camping for kids. Now, make no mistake it is possible to make a camping trip as fun, comfortable and enjoyable as possible for the kids. Even then, it is less likely to match the comfort of a vacation suite or hotel. Most vacation homes and hotels have soundproof walls, and you are accorded your space For camps, the outdoors and the baby swings are much more entertaining for the kids than the indoors. Most camping sites have trails, kid -friendly playgrounds, nature, and baby swings to keep the kids engaged. Overall camping experience for kids will be much more fun and enjoyable than a family vacation. It could also spell disaster if it’s poorly planned. That’s why the kid’s experience and comfort come before your own.

The Cost of Stay

Vacationing in suites or hotels costs nearly twice as much as a family camping trip.That’s because you will be paying for accommodation as well as the dining costs for the days that you will be there. When it comes to camping ifs highly likely that you own the tent, so the costs involved are limited to fees and amenities. When going camping, you will need to carry your own food from home. Purchasing the gear is the most expensive cost when it comes to camping. On you have the gear the camping experience is merely a fraction of what others spend on vacationing. Most of the camping gear can be used for years before they have to be replaced.

Check-ins and Check-outs

Because of issues of setup and preparations, most campsites have arrivals times usually by late afternoon so that there is ample time for erecting your gear and preparing dinner. During vacations, most of your services are handled by the hotel staffers. Therefore, you can check in or check out at any time of day or night. Secondly, good hotels tend to be downtown and close to amenities and auxiliary services. On the other hand, campsites tend to be in somewhat remote and secluded areas with great outdoor views. In many ways, camping is simply a DIY form of vacationing. Camping also tends to be limited to certain months usually starting April or May till October while vacationing can be all year round.

Holiday Experience

Choosing between a family vacation and family camping is simply choosing between rugged adventure and comfortable existence. That’s because camping involves hikes, baby swings camp beaches, campsite, climbing, outdoor games, camp foods, bugs and much more. Meanwhile, vacations mostly mean comA beds, fluffy towels, heated rooms, indoor pools, room service, etc. If your goal is to have the family kick back and relax then, it would be much easier to pick a family vacation destination. On the other hand, if your primary goal is bonding, games, recreating family traditions and fun, then pick up the camping experience. Ultimately the most important thing is bonding and unity whatever experience you settle on. A poorly planned vacation is boring and predictable whole a poorly planned camping trip is inconveniencing.


Both family vacation and family camping have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately either of them can prove to be a pleasant experience depending on how you want to structure the holiday. Camping tends to limit you regarding how far you can go from home. That is unless you want to backpack through the continent which is quite exhausting when you are with the kids. Preferably the family can have a vacation in one holiday and plan for a camping experience during the next holiday.

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