Top Family Friendly Campgrounds in the US

The costs of family vacations have gone up the year-on-year. That’s why lots of families are shifting to camping. Not all campsites are family oriented, though. There are campsites which tailor their camping experience, sites, and amenities to cater for families with kids of all ages. Round the country, there are family-friendly campsites that have activities, meals, auxiliary services, and sports that are geared towards delivering family friendly campgrounds. Everything is designed to offer a family experience and uphold child safety standards.

Top Family Friendly Campgrounds in US

Here we found few family friendly campgrounds that are really good. You can go there without feeling any hesitation. We personally visited all that places and we decided that all are okay for family environment. You may read below to know more details. So as a result, if you are really interested to make fun with your family, you can go one of this below place to enjoy the life and spend few best time.

Pocahontas State Park (Virginia)

This family friendly campsite is located 20-mile drive from the city of Richmond. The park avails boating, hiking, fishing and many more activities along the miles of trail. It also has two large bodies of water. That is Swift Creek and Beaver Lake. The Aqua Center has a kiddie pool, 5- foot deep leisure pools, wet fountain deck and enclosed water tube slides for the kids. The 7724-acre park has about 58 miles of trails. This lovely site offers lots of seclusion and privacy and lots of space for kids to run and play. It’s well-kept with multiple entrances and offers one of the most affordable bike rental services in the region.

Goblin Valley State Park (Utah)

This site is located at Hanksville, Goblin Valley. It features some of the most spectacular rock formations in the world. The landscape at goblin resembles that of planet Mars. The place offers space for biking, hiking, golfing, and sky watching. There are about nine landmarks within the state park. These are Trailhead, Wild Horse Butte, Group Campsite, Three sisters, Goblin Valley Visitor Centre, and Valley off The Goblins. The Goblin lair is one of the exciting features at the park. It involves going up a set of rock formation and down into a creepy cave. While camping at the place, you are likely to see some desert wildlife mostly antelopes. It’s very sunny during the day and gets very dark at night which is an amazing spectacle.

Boston Harbour Islands (Massachusetts)

This campsite in Boston is well within the sites of Boston’s skyline. You can reach the island by ferry, or you can hire a private boat. The site is usually open from Mid -June through Labour Day. Campers are requested to book well in advance. The site has remarkable night watching sessions, water sports, baby swings, and hiking trails that run for miles. This site is defined by unparalleled beauty, epic scenery, and serenity and it’s made of up 34 islands. That’s why you and your family have near endless list of activities to do and bond over. The most amazing camping fields include paddock islands, Lovell islands, Georges Islands, and Spectacle islands.

Devil’s Fork State Park (South Carolina)

This family-friendly park is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has many amenities and auxiliary services similar to those found in most world class parks. It has gorgeous outdoorsy lifestyles marked by beautiful natural waterfalls, hiking trails as well as treed fields and a relaxed, charming feel to it. From these state parks, you can explore the tide pools, go fishing, play at the baby swings or picnic. The place avails youth programs, wildlife research, old life houses, civil war ear landmarks, etc. Kids have an opportunity to be a junior ranger for the period that you visit. Through it, they will get to be part of the many child -friendly activities and short mentorship by the staffers.

Family Campgrounds

Lafayette Campground (New Hampshire)

This family campsite is located at the Franconia Notch in New Hampshire’s White Mountain Range. This site bears the most picturesque sceneries in the region. Additionally, it is within striking distance of classy eateries in Woodstock and Lincoln towns if you don’t plan on cooking during the camping. It feels like a small secluded town. The site is open all year round with camping services offered between late May and early October.

Lake George Escape

This campsite is at Adirondacks in Lake George New York. The place offers a bonfire pit ideal for roasting. Lake George Escape has heavily invested in child -friendly and family oriented activities from painting bikes to doing the limbo at the luau and joining the biking parade. The site offers biking trails, handicap access, baby swings, interpretive center, fire rings, convenience stores and lots of other auxiliary services.

So What’s Now?

Many of these campsites are specifically geared towards family friendly camping styles and fit as family friendly campgrounds. Other camping environments have many amenities that can cater for everyone but also tailored for families. Either way, family oriented campsites have become increasingly critical as more sites are adopting the child-free design for their guests. Ultimately an excellent camping experience boils down to thorough planning and sticking to your schedule. Keep in mind that the fun in camping is never about the place but about your company.

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