NTK Tents : NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person

NTK is the leading brand for family camping as well as outdoor lifestyles both locally and internationally. It was established in 1974. Nautika started to expand camping along with entertaining products to execute the desires of campers. NTK tents satisfy the needs of all family outdoor activities from camping to leisure at the beach with a total of 21 various lines. Therefore, the best family tent provides a long list of useful and most important characteristics; they include

Unique Features of NTK Tents

  • The tent has the most excellent aeration with comprehensive mesh all around from the main window on the vents around it allowing the tent to breath
  • The tent withstand strong wind because the poles are made of non-recycled material giving it extra strength with the necessary flexibility
  • The shelter maintains extra ventilation and convenience because the tent has an oversized main room with a wide, easy access door in the middle that has rain protected by built-in awning with mesh panel
  • Every detail of this tent ideally show perfection from the high frequency seemed flooring
  • The particular threads used in the construction of the tent offer comfort and water protection
  • NTK tents meet the flammability requirements since the seamless polyethylene maintain you dry as well as protected

NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Tents Specification

  • Sleep: Up to 8 to 9 persons
  • Frame: Fiberglass easy finds yellow color connected with elastic as well as chrome plated ferrules
  • Inner Material: It has a breathable polyester mosquito net
  • Floor material: The aspect of thick duty-fungus flawless polyethylene maintains you dry and protected
  • Outer material: The tent is laminated with 2500mm polyurethane water column, heat-welded seam sealed, partially aluminum as well as UV protection
  • Dimensions: 300cm * 300cm/10ft * 10ft
  • Center Height: 1.75m/5.7ft
  • Weight: 8.5 kg/ 18.73 Lb
  • Security: The tent Meets CPAI-84 Flammability Requirements

Positive Sides

  • It is water resistant due to the rain fly
  • It’s pretty unique as compared to the mainstream tents out there
  • The tent is enormous and extremely light
  • The tent is quite comfortable and roomy enough for a large family, and the construction is sturdy enough to hold a massive lantern

Negative Sides

The tent is not okay during the winter season; it needs extra protection to cover the whole tent and avoid the transpiration from the cool weather. Additionally, the tent went up very quickly and easily.

Why NKT Tents are Perfect for a Family Camping?

NKT Tents are big enough with the most ventilation. It is an excellent quality and top notch product. A family of four fits in easy with two queen beds as well as gear.

Why I Love NTK Tents

I feel affection for this tent because it’s awesome and of high quality. It has a four pole design, but it’s very simple because there are only four anchor points for the poles. It has a simple design that feels very sturdy when staked down.


NTK tents are really good for a family camping, it is of great importance to buy one for the next camping. This tent seems that it could last for 20 years or more if proper care is maintained. It comes with an 8 to 9- person capacity. It is also fully waterproofed, durable as well as fire-retardant with a unique design which allows ventilation even in hot weather.