Wenzel Tents Review

Look! This article will show you the Wenzel blue ridge tent is perfect for you or not? But we think, if you read the article, you can understand that, this Wenzel tent is really good for a camping to enjoy the camping time perfectly. So before buy other brand camping tent, better, you read this Wenzel Tents Review to justify yourself.

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Feature Summary of Wenzel Tents Review

  • Wenzel tents are polyester, so its rainfly
  • Wenzel tents are perfect for group camping up to for 7 persons
  • Smart designed
  • Hooped fly pole over the door for the extra protection from rain
  • Have Two Separate Sleeping Areas
  • D-Style Door
  • Special Flap Zippered Window
  • Have Removable Seam Sealed Fly
  • Extra ordinary Mesh Roof Vents
  • E-Port For Electrical Cord Access is Available
  • Have nice 4 Convenience Pockets

Wenzel tents is a perfect for a group camping. So if you are a leader of a group, you can select this tent for the next camping. We believe all of your team member will be happy by using this Wenzel Tent. For your more satiscation you can read few questions & answers from below. Hope these questions & answers will help you to make your decision positive.

Frequent Ask Question & Answer

Question: Is the Wenzel Tents weatherproof?
Answer: Yes, its fully weather & waterproof. You can rely on this tent.

Question: Does this have 4 sided window?
Answer: Wenzel Tents has 2 large windows & have 1 big door.

Question: Is any kit (eg: Coleman Kit) need for this tent?
Answer: No, absolutely not.

If you want to know more, you can visit Amazon. But we think its not mandatory to go Amazon to make your decision final. If you wish, you can visit.

Verdict Line

Our review is totally positive about this tent. Overall Wenzel Tents Review is good on online. We didn’t find any corruption or negative points that you can make your decision negative. So you can give a second thought before buy your perfect tent for a group camping for the maximum entertainment.

Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent - 7 Person

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