The Kelty 4 Person Tent Reviews

Review of Kelty Acadia 4 Person Tent Review

The Kelty 4 Person Tent review is very encouraging. Most buyers seemed satisfied by the tent showing that the tent lived up to their standards.

Introduction of Kelty 4 Person Tent

The Kelty Acadia 4 Person Tent makes every camping trip exciting and a fun experience. With its easy setup nature, this tent design that ensures stability across all sorts of conditions and terrain making your camping experience that much more comfortable. It is also convenient if you have extra gear and still want to maximize on your space.


Its specifications include:

  • The tent has a 4 person maximum capacity
  • It has two doors located on either side of the tent hence one can be used as entrance and one as an exit
  • It has 2 vestibules that provides room to stash your gear out of the way to avoid cramming the tent area
  • The tents minimum weight is 4.7kgs while its packed weight is 5.3 kgs
  • Its floor area sums up to 5.48m squared
  • Its maximum height is 150 cm
  • The tents dimensions are 98 by 87 by 59 inches
  • The tents poles are made of fiberglass


Some of its features include:

  • Its simple freestanding design ensures stability across all conditions and terrain. The mesh wall panels provide good cross ventilation and visibility
  • It is considered a 3 season tent and can be used for backpacking and camping trips
  • It has noiseless zipper pulls which prove to be very convenient since one can walk in and out of the tent without disturbing anyone
  • The tent has internal storage pockets which assist in storage of small items prone to lose
  • It has taped floor seams that prevent water leakage into the tent
  • Its three-pole design with clip and sleeve attachments provides easy and fast tent setup
  • The tent is made of polyester coating which prevents leakage of water into the tent
  • It has guy-out points and stakes that assist in the fastening of the tent to the ground
  • Its no-see-um mesh panels and fly vent allow free flow of air providing proper ventilation
  • It has a spacious interior allowing for space to move around and keep your other camping gear
  • Its arc edge floors provide durability to the tent

Product Benefits

With its quality features and specifications make it one of the best choices for an exciting camping trip. Among this are a couple of its benefits. One of these benefits include the two doors that easy access for entrance and exit.

Its polyester rainfly with vents uses a side-release tent connection for convenient on and off.

Best Benefit

The kelty 4 person tent has had some good customer reviews on Amazon. It has a 4.3 average star rating and most customers agree to have had an awesome fulfilled experience when using this tent. The major reason it is such a crowd pleaser is due is because it can be used for all 3 seasons.

Who Needs It Most?

The Acadia 4 person tent is considered a family tent though can be used for backpacking. It is however not recommended for backpacking since it can be bulky in nature causing one to tire off easily. Its family friendly due to its easy setup and spacious nature.

Positive Sides of Kelty 4 Person Tent

The pros of this tent include:

  • It has a simple freestanding design which assists in providing an easy setup
  • Its two large doors provide easy access for entrance and exit
  • Its noiseless zippers allow one to walk in and out of the tent without disturbing the rest of the campers
  • The tent is very airy without rain fly
  • Its interior pockets allow one to store their necessities prone to easy lose

Negative Sides of This Tent

Some of its cons include:

  • The tent contains very little inside storage
  • Kelty 4 person tent is fairly heavy and thus can be quite cumbersome while carrying

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

Considered among one of Amazons best sellers, The Acadia 4 person tent seems to cater to all the customer’s needs. The customers are impressed by its easy setup and take down procedure and it’s all round season unique feature.

How to Install Kelty Acadia 4-Person Tent?

The tents setup instructions are:

  1. Find an even piece of ground, layout the tent body and stake corners. Assemble the poles and lay long poles corner to corner crossing near the center of the tent
  2. Insert pole tip into grommet on one corner of each pole. From opposite corner, flex pole and insert tip into grommet. Attach center clip to the pole at the center
  3. Work around the tent attaching all clips to the poles
  4. Drape rainfly over the tent if you have one

Final Words of Kelty 4 Person Tent Review

The Kelty 4 person tent is a great choice when going camping and with its all-round weather endurance it’s bound to give you a comfortable and stress-free camping experience. Also this kelty 4 person tent Review will help you to make the decision positive to purchase it.

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