NTK Tents

If you are ready to go for a full family camping or want to with your all friends for a camping, better, you choice a NTK Tents that will help you to cover all of members in one tent. That is really make you fun huge.

NTK Tents Reviews

The NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Dome Tent is a large family camping tent that can fit 8 to 9 people and offers good headroom. It’s made of Polyester Taffeta and Polyester Mesh that makes it both waterproof and fire-retardant. It’s built to withstand outdoor elements such heat, wind and heavy showers. The product features a high-frequency seamed flooring material and special threads that help prevent water from getting inside. It also comes with mesh elements that keep it well-ventilated.

NTK Tents

The tent is very durable and stable when fully assembled. It comes with heavy-duty components such as prime white glass fiber rods, heavy elastics, metal hardware that’s double-chromed, and bright orange strings. It can also be easily assembled and disassembled.


  • Made of durable polyester
  • Good for 9 occupants
  • Waterproof and fire-retardant
  • Has an anti-fungus flooring
  • Comes with Nano-flex rods and double gold chromed metal parts
  • Has a height of 6 feet that provides more headroom
  • Provides the needed heat at night and ample ventilation in daytime


  • Does not have windows and extra doors
  • Ventilation decreases when the tent is closed
  • Not sold with a divider

Verdict Line

The NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Dome Tent is a good family camping tent as it comes with a 9-person capacity and it is also fully waterproofed, fire-retardant and durable. Its unique design allows it to remain ventilated even in hot weather.

So as a result, if you really want to get good experience with your family in a camping, you can buy NTK Tents. This is really amazing and awesome as your need.

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