NTK Tent Reviews – NTK Cherokee GT Family Tent

NTK Tent Reviews Summary

NTK Tents is a best family tent for a group camping if you have kids also. This NTK Tent Reviews will help you to understand its fit for your camping or not?

NTK Tent Reviews

Having a reliable tent that can accommodate many occupants is something that every outdoor enthusiast has in mind. However, selecting the best product from a lot of available ones is quite difficult. Due to this, many individuals do a little research before the purchase while others are seeking advice from experts. Given its solid list of useful features, many outdoor experts consider the NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Dome Tent as their top recommendation. To determine why, here is the NTK Tent reviews:

NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Dome Tent

The NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Dome Tent is one of the bestselling family camping tents on the market at present. It comes with dimensions of 102x102x312 inches and weighs about 18.7 pounds. NTK tent’s outer portion is made of Polyester taffeta while the interior is made of Polyester mesh.

NTK Tent designed to provide campers with a comfortable shelter when camping outdoors and is built to withstand outdoor elements such heat, wind and heavy showers. And also NTK comes with a decent protection against water entry while allowing enhanced ventilation.

In condition of interior space, the Cherokee GT offers a maximum floor size of up 10×12 feet. The floor area is wide enough to accommodate a maximum of 9 people. Its center height is about 6 ft and this is sufficient enough to allow the occupant to stand while inside the tent.

This product features a high-frequency seamed flooring material and special threads that help to prevent water from getting inside the tent. It’s also admired for its fire-retardant construction.

In addition to that, the Cherokee GT is also liked for its durability when fully-assembled. This is because the tent uses heavy-duty components such as prime white glass fiber rods, heavy elastics, metal hardware that are double chromed and bright orange strings.

Finally, the Cherokee GT can be easily assembled. It does not require tools but only a greater understanding on how its rods and other structural components should be set up. NTK can also be easily disassembled and transported since it is sold along with a durable carrying bag.


  • Comes with a decent and very functional design
  • Made of durable polyester
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Provides a sleeping area for 9 persons
  • Waterproof and fire retardant
  • Equipped with a heat seamed and anti-fungus flooring
  • Can withstand harsh outdoor elements like rain, wind and heat
  • Supported by Nano-flex rods and double gold chromed metal parts
  • Comes with a uniquely designed door for convenient entry and exit
  • Has a height of 6 feet that allows comfortable movements inside
  • Can be easily assembled and disassembled
  • Provides the needed heat at night and ample ventilation at daytime


  • Does not have windows and extra doors
  • Ventilation decreases when the tent is closed
  • Its design might not be stable compared to other rivals
  • Does not have its own divider

The NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Dome Tent is a good family camping tent option. NTK offers an ample amount of sleeping space for up to 9 persons. It is specially designed using durable and fire-retardant materials. And NTK is also designed to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and is fully waterproof.

Aside from the NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Dome Tent, outdoor enthusiasts who usually go camping with the family or friends might also consider the Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent which is known for its thicker fabric, impressive waterproofing system and convenient assembling mechanism.

Another popular alternative is the Wenzel Great Basin Tent that can accommodate up to 10 people. It’s made of polyester and is waterproof and comes with 2 doors, 4 windows and a center height of 6 feet.

Both of these products are also among the best-selling models on the market. However, many experts have pointed out that the Cherokee GT has some unique qualities that sets it apart from the other two.


Is the NTK Tent Reviews helpful for you? Considering the features of the two most popular products that compete with the NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Dome Tent, it becomes clear that the Cherokee is a better option compared to them in some aspects.

In the way of interior space, the Cherokee provides larger than the Coleman. Although the Wenzel is bigger, the difference is quite tolerable. In terms of waterproofing, the three products are on par with each other. However, in terms of price, the Cherokee is much cheaper than the Coleman, yet quite expensive as opposed to the Wenzel. However, the Cherokee’s lead over the Wenzel in terms of usefulness fully compensates this price difference.

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Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent Review

Arizona GT Tent

What is your thought about arizona gt tent? Well, let me say something: Getting a reliable and bigger tent is a good move before going out group camping because doing so assures you that the possibly harsh conditions experienced outdoors can be handled well.

But as the number of best family tents on the market continues to increase, selecting the best from what’s available might not be that easy. Due to this, outdoor experts recommend that buyers should stick to reliable products, just like the Arizona GT Sports Camping Tent.

Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent

The Arizona GT Sports Camping Tent is a popular family camping tent. It’s capable of accommodating up to 10 occupants. Its center height is about 6.7 feet which provide an ample amount of headroom for the occupants to comfortably stand whilst inside the tent.

The Arizona GT Sports Camping Tent is made of durable polyester. The outer material is Polyester Taffeta 68D while the interior is Polyester Mesh. It has a detachable room divider that divides the tent into two rooms for privacy and comes with 2 doors and 3 windows that are responsible for keeping the tent well-ventilated.

In terms of durability, the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent is a top performer. Its materials are durable enough to withstand rain and strong winds outdoors. The polyester used in it is relatively thin but fire-retardant.

It’s equipped with Nano-flex fiberglass poles with lesser memory but extra strength necessary for flexibility and stability. In addition to that, the tent’s other metal parts and ferrules are gold-plated, making them resistant to rust.

Unlike the other, bigger tent models, the Arizona GT Tent can be easily assembled and disassembled. Arizona does not require any tools since the poles can be easily connected and slipped through the polyester sheet. It also comes with durable ears where the strings can be attached and tied to the pegs for added stability.

Pros of Arizona GT Tent

  • Comes with a functional design
  • Made of waterproof and fire-retardant polyester
  • Fully ventilated
  • Comes with 2 doors and 3 windows
  • Provides ample interior space for 10 persons and generous headroom
  • Features a durable and seamless flooring
  • Fully covered by a rain fly
  • Equipped with nano-flex poles and other gold plated metal parts
  • The poles are not made of non-recycled materials, thus are very flexible
  • The tent’s doors provide easy access while the windows improve ventilation
  • Can be easily assembled and disassembled
  • Comes with a detachable divider

Cons of Arizona GT Tent

  • Can only be divided to two rooms
  • Has lesser doors and windows compared to other similarly priced models
  • Might not be shipped in several countries
  • Might not be readily available in several areas in the US

Many group campers consider the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent a good buy due to its functional design, stable construction and fire-retardant material. In addition to that, the tent can be easily set up and carried even along long trails.

Aside from the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent, the Wenzel Timber Ridge Tent- 10 Person and Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Person are also popular since both of these are capable of accommodating up to 10 sleepers. Some of their characteristics, however, differ in certain ways.

The Wenzel Timber Ridge Tent- 10 Person is family camping tent equipped with a comfortable walk-in design, high-ceiling construction and 2-room layout. Arizona has a floor area of 160 square feet which is enough for 10 occupants. It has 2 “D” doors in the front and back and windows on the sides that provide the tent with good ventilation. And also Arizona provides a stable structure when assembled and prevents water from coming in.

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent- 10 Person also belongs to the family camping tent category. It’s made of nylon and can conveniently accommodate 10 sleepers. Arizona has 2 “D” doors with hoop fly frame that protects its occupants from the rain. And it’s windows and doors have mesh that allows fresh air to enter the tent and keep it well-ventilated.

But despite the similarities among their features, many campers still go for the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent since this provides a few advantages the other two do not.


Although the family camping tents provided above are almost identical when it comes to basic features, the Arizona GT Tent still remains the best option among the three since it has a more functional design. The waterproofing and the ventilation system it provides are more effective compared to the other two. Finally, the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent is the only product among the three which is made of a fire-retardant material.


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Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent

Group camping is currently one of the most popular activities among friends and families. This is because the activity is a good way to strengthen the bonds between friends or family members, most especially when the group dwells in a single tent. Given that this tent needs to hold many occupants, a lot of group campers go for larger tents with dividers and with this consideration in mind, the Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent often becomes one of their top options as a best family tent.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent Features

The Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent is a large tent which is ideal for group campers. It’s designed to accommodate up to ten sleepers or three queen-sized mattresses, plus a spare room. The tent can be effectively divided into three rooms by using a durable divider which is included in its package. The divider provides the occupants of each room the needed privacy that allows them to rest comfortably.

The Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent comes with three doors. One of the doors is located on its center while the other two are on the sides. The side doors provide the occupants with separate entrance and exit points, which also help in maintaining privacy.

The tent offers a good amount of ventilation. It features six windows that help the entry of fresh air and at the same time flushes the warmer air outside. In addition to that, the windows also provide the occupants with a panoramic view of the camp site and allow them to gaze at the stars in the sky even while inside the tent.

Since the weather outdoors might change any time and sudden downpours are very much possible, the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent is equipped with taped fly seams. These are responsible for preventing leakage and keeping rain and fog outside the tent. The tent’s floor is designed to provide the occupants with the needed protection from any harmful elements and its waterproof characteristic also helps in preventing water entry into the tent.

The product’s assembly and disassembly mechanism is quite convenient because it comes with pre-assembled poles. The assembly can be accomplished alone but it’s better if this is done by 2 people. When fully assembled, the tent becomes very sturdy and stable.

Positive Side of Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent

  • Durable and waterproof
  • Provides ample interior space
  • Can accommodate up to 10 sleepers and three queen-sized beds
  • Sold with a divider that divides the tent to three rooms
  • Has 3 doors and 6 windows
  • Provides good ventilation
  • Has a durable and protective floor
  • Equipped with taped fly seams that prevents leakage
  • Provides panoramic view of the camp site
  • Can be conveniently assembled or disassembled
  • Sold with a zippered carrying bag

Negative Side of Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent

  • Not that lightweight
  • Includes many poles that can be confusing
  • Can be assembled alone but takes longer time
  • Not fire retardant
  • Might not be shipped to several countries

The Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent is definitely a good family camping tent. It can accommodate up to 10 occupants, is fully-waterproof and well-ventilated. It also comes with a divider, six windows and three separate doors for entrance and exit purposes.

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent- 10 Person and Wenzel Great Basin Tent – 10 Person closely compete with the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent. The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent- 10 Person and Wenzel Great Basin Tent – 10 Person both accommodate 9-10 people, but the latte is equipped with a divider curtain, two “D” style, mesh roof windows and a hooped fly frame for additional rain protection and a polyethylene floor.

The Wenzel Great Basin Tent – 10 Person can also accommodate up to 10 sleepers. It also has “D” style doors and mesh windows. It features a ridge pole that provides an awning for the front door and back window for protection against rain. It’s also equipped with an E-Port and two convenience pockets.

Given their own features, the three products seem to provide the same set of features. However, a closer look at the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent’s features reveals that it has a number of advantages compared to the other two.

The Final Word

Despite of the similarity in the features provided by the three products discussed earlier, the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent can be considered the best among the three.

This is because the Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent has a divider that creates three rooms inside the tent while the others can only be divided into two rooms. The Ozark is also more well-ventilated since it has more windows.

Finally, the Ozark has 3 separate doors for better entrance and exit purposes while the other have only two doors. Interested to buy this tent?

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A Full Family Camping Checklist

There’s nothing quite like introducing your little ones to the wonders of the wild on their very first camping trip. You get to teach them how to toast marshmallows. You get to build a campfire together. And you might even have a singalong session when the sun goes down. Camping is an experience that brings families together and helps children learn about nature. This article will help you to get ready of a family camping checklist.

A Full Family Camping Checklist

However, it can be hard work if you don’t prepare in the right way. You won’t find the best family tent on the market unless you spend time searching for it. Items like portable stoves and camping chairs will need to be bought and inspected in advance. Otherwise, you won’t know if they work until you’re already at the campsite setting up your pitch. This ultimate family camping checklist will help you pack everything that you need for a great outdoors experience.

A Spacious Family Tent

Your camping tent needs to be spacious, comfortable, and weatherproof. The best family tent that you could buy would be a structure with multiple sections or ‘rooms.’ This will give the kids plenty of room to play in when they’re not tucked up in their sleeping bags. Most pops up tents are on the smaller side. They might not be big enough for, say, two parents and two children.

So, you should look for a family tent with pegs and poles. They are a little more time consuming to put up. However, the instructions are straightforward, and you can rope the kids in to help too. You’ll have tent up in no time if everybody pitches in. Make sure that there are ventilation pockets so that air can circulate while you sleep.

Sleeping Accessories

You need more than just a tent to be comfortable on the ground. A rolling mat or sleeping pad is also important. These are usually made of foam and they are placed underneath your sleeping bag. They raise your body off the cold ground and give you a softer surface to lie on. The inflatable roll mats are a bit more expensive. They are more comfortable, though.

It is a good idea to bring lots of extra blankets and duvets. Even the best family tent will get chilly at night and in the morning. Take your favorite pillow with you for a really restful sleep. After all, you can enjoy the wonders of nature and still indulge in all your creature comforts.

Cooking Equipment

Cooking tools and equipment is really useful for trips that are longer than a night or two. Portable camping stoves are very affordable, and they can cook some great meals. Remember to bring some plates, cutlery, and plastic tumblers for drinks. Pack miniature bottles or sachets of your favorite condiments in your food bag. A small frying pan or saucepan is important for cooking things like beans and sausages.

Pick up a big bag of marshmallows from the store before you head off. Kids love watching them go gooey over an open fire. You’ll need long kebab skewers to hold them on, though. Adding sliced fruit can be a way to make this snack a little healthier. There need to be at least 2-3 bin bags with your camping kit. You must always clear up your rubbish and empty packets once it’s time to go home.

Toiletries and Safety Items

A basic first aid kit is essential. You can pick these up from most supermarkets or at a pharmacy. They contain things like scissors, band aids, bandages, and antiseptic cream. You’ll need these things if an accident occurs. For instance, your child might slip and graze a knee. You can patch it up quickly with sticking plasters and antiseptic gel or cream. Don’t forget your sun cream or your toothbrush. The tiny travel tubes of toothpaste and soap are perfect for a family camping kit. You can slip them into a side pocket on your rucksack. You might be staying at a commercial campsite on a rented pitch. These locations almost always have shower blocks. So, it is worth taking along a small bottle of shower gel.

Additional Supplies

These are some of the other bits and pieces that might be useful on your camping trip. They include:

  • Flashlight (and spare batteries)
  • Foldable Camping Chairs
  • Pack of Matches/Lighter
  • Wooly Hat/Gloves
  • Digital Camera
  • A Map of the Area

Overall of This Article

You can take any items that you want on your family camping trip because these are just some of the most essential. Don’t forget that space will be an issue. You’ll have to pack carefully unless you can drive right onto your tent pitch. Even then, the car is likely to fill up quickly. There may be things that you forget to bring. If so, try not to worry too much. You can probably buy one on the way. Or, you can improvise and get along without it. Hope this family camping checklist can help you to make your preparation fully.

Top Family Friendly Campgrounds in the US

The costs of family vacations have gone up the year-on-year. That’s why lots of families are shifting to camping. Not all campsites are family oriented, though. There are campsites which tailor their camping experience, sites, and amenities to cater for families with kids of all ages. Round the country, there are family-friendly campsites that have activities, meals, auxiliary services, and sports that are geared towards delivering family friendly campgrounds. Everything is designed to offer a family experience and uphold child safety standards.

Top Family Friendly Campgrounds in US

Here we found few family friendly campgrounds that are really good. You can go there without feeling any hesitation. We personally visited all that places and we decided that all are okay for family environment. You may read below to know more details. So as a result, if you are really interested to make fun with your family, you can go one of this below place to enjoy the life and spend few best time.

Pocahontas State Park (Virginia)

This family friendly campsite is located 20-mile drive from the city of Richmond. The park avails boating, hiking, fishing and many more activities along the miles of trail. It also has two large bodies of water. That is Swift Creek and Beaver Lake. The Aqua Center has a kiddie pool, 5- foot deep leisure pools, wet fountain deck and enclosed water tube slides for the kids. The 7724-acre park has about 58 miles of trails. This lovely site offers lots of seclusion and privacy and lots of space for kids to run and play. It’s well-kept with multiple entrances and offers one of the most affordable bike rental services in the region.

Goblin Valley State Park (Utah)

This site is located at Hanksville, Goblin Valley. It features some of the most spectacular rock formations in the world. The landscape at goblin resembles that of planet Mars. The place offers space for biking, hiking, golfing, and sky watching. There are about nine landmarks within the state park. These are Trailhead, Wild Horse Butte, Group Campsite, Three sisters, Goblin Valley Visitor Centre, and Valley off The Goblins. The Goblin lair is one of the exciting features at the park. It involves going up a set of rock formation and down into a creepy cave. While camping at the place, you are likely to see some desert wildlife mostly antelopes. It’s very sunny during the day and gets very dark at night which is an amazing spectacle.

Boston Harbour Islands (Massachusetts)

This campsite in Boston is well within the sites of Boston’s skyline. You can reach the island by ferry, or you can hire a private boat. The site is usually open from Mid -June through Labour Day. Campers are requested to book well in advance. The site has remarkable night watching sessions, water sports, baby swings, and hiking trails that run for miles. This site is defined by unparalleled beauty, epic scenery, and serenity and it’s made of up 34 islands. That’s why you and your family have near endless list of activities to do and bond over. The most amazing camping fields include paddock islands, Lovell islands, Georges Islands, and Spectacle islands.

Devil’s Fork State Park (South Carolina)

This family-friendly park is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has many amenities and auxiliary services similar to those found in most world class parks. It has gorgeous outdoorsy lifestyles marked by beautiful natural waterfalls, hiking trails as well as treed fields and a relaxed, charming feel to it. From these state parks, you can explore the tide pools, go fishing, play at the baby swings or picnic. The place avails youth programs, wildlife research, old life houses, civil war ear landmarks, etc. Kids have an opportunity to be a junior ranger for the period that you visit. Through it, they will get to be part of the many child -friendly activities and short mentorship by the staffers.

Family Campgrounds

Lafayette Campground (New Hampshire)

This family campsite is located at the Franconia Notch in New Hampshire’s White Mountain Range. This site bears the most picturesque sceneries in the region. Additionally, it is within striking distance of classy eateries in Woodstock and Lincoln towns if you don’t plan on cooking during the camping. It feels like a small secluded town. The site is open all year round with camping services offered between late May and early October.

Lake George Escape

This campsite is at Adirondacks in Lake George New York. The place offers a bonfire pit ideal for roasting. Lake George Escape has heavily invested in child -friendly and family oriented activities from painting bikes to doing the limbo at the luau and joining the biking parade. The site offers biking trails, handicap access, baby swings, interpretive center, fire rings, convenience stores and lots of other auxiliary services.

So What’s Now?

Many of these campsites are specifically geared towards family friendly camping styles and fit as family friendly campgrounds. Other camping environments have many amenities that can cater for everyone but also tailored for families. Either way, family oriented campsites have become increasingly critical as more sites are adopting the child-free design for their guests. Ultimately an excellent camping experience boils down to thorough planning and sticking to your schedule. Keep in mind that the fun in camping is never about the place but about your company.