SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light

Well, let me say something about another best tent accessories is tent light. I, personally use SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light. If you want best service from a tent light, you can use SUBOOS tent light without any hesitation.

Lighting during camping is important to ensure that you are able to carry on the fun into the night. It also allows you to walk around and work in and around the tent in the dark. Portable lights are a great advantage to campers as they allow you to enjoy proper lighting wherever you are on the camp site. The SUBOOS ultra bright LED tent light is a great option.


  • 60 LEDs with a 230 Lumens Maximum
    This justifies the presence of the ultra bright in the product name. The feature gives the lamp a range of up to 50 feet in illumination radius making it perfect for camping and a variety of other uses including cave exploration and emergency response.
  • Battery Powered
    With the SUBOOS LED tent lamp, you have two options in terms of power source. The first is a rechargeable battery which is powerful and long lasting but not very useful when there is no electricity source nearby for recharging. Your second option is to invest in 3 or more AAA batteries which although not rechargeable are useful even in the absence of electricity and can be bought in bulk.
  • Variable Brightness
    The lamp has three levels of brightness. The first is super bright and is best used outdoors where a wide illumination range is required for visibility. The second is the bright level that can also be used outdoors where there is not much need for wide field of view. Finally, the lowest lighting level is the dim level which is ideal for use in the tent to avoid eye strain due to extreme brightness.

Why You Need SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light?

You need a tent light to be able to find your way around the tent especially at night whether you are looking for something specific or your simply goofing around in the tent with your family or friends. The tent light also comes in handy outdoors around the camping site and even while exploring dark places such as caves. Finally, it is good to have a portable lamp such as the SUBOOS LED tent light for emergencies in your own home involving power blackouts.

How to Use SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light?

Using this lamp is not rocket science and simply involves flipping a switch to turn it either on or off. All you need to do is to ensure that you always have a spare set of recharged batteries to juice it for longer service. If you are using it within the tent, you can suspend it from the lamp hook on the tent roof if you tent has one. If the tent doesn’t have this feature, you can place it on an elevated surface such as a chair or camping bag to ensure maximum distribution of light.

Last updated on January 6, 2022 2:01 am