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Best Camping Checklist

Spontaneity is the secret behind every memorable adventure but if certain impediments can be rectified from the start, then why not avail of the remedy? Innovations of today guarantee a camping or hiking expedition devoid of the regular mishaps. Glance through the rest of the article to cross check whether you have all the essentials packed inside your camping trunk. If you forget to take anything you will not able to manage that one from your camping place. So it is better if you read this best camping checklist article before close your camping trunk.

Essentials for Best Camping Checklist

Tent & Sleeping Bag

It would defeat the purpose of camping to take off without a tent and sleeping bag. No doubt, some campers have no qualms when it comes to stealing forty winks in the middle of the woods but if safety is your top criterion, it is wise to invest in a tent. Besides, you can’t call yourself a true camper if you aren’t adroit at pitching tents. A sleeping bag enables you to stuff all your basic travel necessities into a compact space that morphs into your bed at night.

Flint Fire Starter

What do you do when you run out of matchsticks and you desperately need to start a fire to keep warm or to cook your catch of the day? This product not only comes to your rescue but it also takes you back to the caveman days. Flint fire starters are now easily available in the market at fabulous rates. They are lightweight, easy to use and they start a fire even when wet.

All you have to do is pick up the metal striker and shave off tiny bits of magnesium into a pile of dried leaves or paper and you have a campfire! Vaseline and cotton balls also work very well to help start the fire.

Headlamp or Torch

A checklist comes in handy only because it reminds us of the most obvious items to grab hold of. Without a headlamp or torch, haunting sounds will abound and you might be very uncomfortable before arriving at the appropriate spot. Moreover, if you are a fan of spelunking, don’t dismiss the headlamp!

Pelican Cases

Along with your tent and fire starter, you decide to carry your I pad or your Android phone, how do you salvage the life of your micro best friend? Say hello to pelican cases, widely known for their watertight properties. They are essentially molded plastic cases that come with a watertight and gasket. When the air pressure alternates, its barometric relief system helps in preventing pressure problems to the case and its contents.

Camping Stove

Camping stove will always help you in heating and cooking your food and also your breakfast. What will happen in case the place you go is very cold those hours of early morning? Camping stove also help to warm you self and your surrounding so that your camping site should feel much comfortable and enjoy your hike.


There are a great deal of best Camping Checklist must haves however, once you have the essentials in place; everything else should come together. Invest in quality to save any issues and take the time to research what is available and what can be used to make your camping trip as enjoyable as ever.

ALPS Mountaineering Tent Floor Saver Review

A good tent is designed to weather all storms and survive whatever conditions the camper comes across. Despite this fact and it is an inevitable fact that with continuous use and exposure to harsh elements. All tents succumb to wear and tear. Floor savers are among the few tent accessories available in the market. Today with the ability to prevent. Or at the very least delay this fate. The ALPS mountaineering tent floor saver is one of the best in the market with amazing features like those discussed below. Each camper love this floor saver. Who go for camping often.

Features of ALPS Mountaineering Tent Floor Saver

  • Tent Fit
    It is designed for use with a 2 person tent and specifically the ALPS Mountaineering dome tent.
  • Weight and Dimensions
    It measures 1 pound in weight with dimensions of 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch. Because the small size makes it easy to set up, use and store.
  • Material
    It is made from nylon which is waterproof and ensures that the tent floor is protected from damage by water and moisture in general. The material is also tough and protects the floor from rough contact that could cause wear and tear with time.
  • Special Webbing
    The webbed edges allow attachment to peg stakes for stability under the tent.

Why You Need ALPS Mountaineering Tent Floor Saver?

Floor savers come in handy where you find yourself setting up camp on land that is not necessarily camp-friendly. This includes places with waterlogged soil, rocky surfaces, uneven terrain and wild ground vegetation. The floor saver will protect your tent from damage by such elements ensuring that you have your tent around for many years of service and other problem.

How to Use ALPS Mountaineering Tent Floor Saver?

A tent roof saver like the ALPS Mountaineering tent floor saver is more or less a ground mat And all you have to do to use it is spread it over the ground where you intend to pitch your tent and pitch over it.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent Floor Saver

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16″ x 20″ Waterproof Tarp Blue and Silver Heavy Duty Tarp Cover

If you are a camper or want to go for a camping, you must need few tent accessories with your tent pack. The most mandatory kit is Waterproof Tarp Blue and Silver Heavy Duty Tarp Cover. Don’t forget to take it in your backpack. Learn few more as I’ve written below:

This tarpaulin is similar to the one describe above with the main difference being the coverage range. Like its 10′ by 14′ counterpart. This is also a product of easy go. And is great for providing rain protection for campers, construction workers and even on farms. Below are a few of its features and why it is an important tent accessory.


  • Weight and Measurements
    It weighs 5 pounds and measures 16 inches by 20 inches by 1 inch. The two features make it manageable and easy to setup and to carry around or store while not in use.
  • Tent Fit
    It is designed to cover larger tents than the 10″ by 14″ with the capability of accommodating tents of 16″ length by 20″ width.
  • Material
    It is made from double coated waterproof material that keeps the water out and the heat in. The material has a 8×10 fiber weave whose closely knit nature not only ensure that it remains water proof but also ensures strength and durability.

Why You Need Waterproof Tarp Blue and Silver Heavy Duty Tarp Cover?

You will need this tarpaulin shelter if you are planning on covering a large tent such as the 16’ by 20’ variety. You can also use it on small tents where the extra space can be used to cover camp fires or simple improvised tent porches. So if you are planning on going camping somewhere notoriously famous for bad weather you might want to invest in one of these.

How to Use Waterproof Tarp Blue and Silver Heavy Duty Tarp Cover?

To use the Easy Go 16″ by 20″ tarpaulin tent shelter, attach the sheet to poles and fasten for stability. The poles are then firmly planted into the ground to keep it upright and stable. You can use this setup on your campsite, parking lot or farm. You can even use it to cover mobile homes and RVs.

10″ x 14″ Tent Shelter Tarp Cover

The best way to describe a tarp is as a giant umbrella for your best tent, car, boat and whatever else you need protected from the rain. The cloth is designed to resist penetration by water. And to direct the run-off from what you are trying to protect. Unlike other tent covers such as rainflies, tarp covers usually include independent poles and also fail to run the course of the tent walls covering only from above. The 10 x 14 Tent Shelter Tarp Cover from Easy Go Products is without a doubt one of the best tent accessories in the market and below are a few reasons why.


  • Weight and Measurements
    The tarp weighs 2.9 pounds making it easy to carry and use. The sheet dimensions are 10 inches by 14 inches by 1 inch when spread out.
  • Tent Fit
    It is made for 10″ length by 14″ width tents but can cover those smaller than the specified dimensions.
  • Material
    The sheet is made from waterproof material with double coating where the exterior is blue and the interior is silver. The double coating is both for aesthetics and thermoregulation under the tarp where the silver coating prevents loss of heat from the tent when it rains.
  • Aluminum Anchoring EyeletsThe eyelets are the point of connection between the sheet and the poles during set-up. Their position at the edges ensures than when made taut, the sheet directs water away from the tent or whatever it is that is under the tarp. This means that the chances or collection of water are seriously minimized. The aluminum material is also an advantage making the eyelets resistant to rusting and corrosion.

Why You Need 10″ x 14″ Tent Shelter Tarp Cover?

You need a waterproof tarpaulin like this if you think it might rain where you are planning on camping. It comes in very handy in protecting your tent from the water, hail, snow and all other forms of precipitation. The tarp cover also can also be used to protect camp fires ensuring that your fire burns bright for light, protection or cooking for as long as you want it to.

How to Use 10′ x 14′ Tent Shelter Tarp Cover?

Setting up and using the tent shelter tarp is a lot like setting up a tent. You first need to attach the sheet to poles and fasten for stability. The poles are then firmly planted into the ground to keep it upright and stable. This set-up can be applied not only in the camping setting but also in farms over nurseries and delicate crops, in hay storage, on construction sites and on parking lots.

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SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light

Well, let me say something about another best tent accessories is tent light. I, personally use SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light. If you want best service from a tent light, you can use SUBOOS tent light without any hesitation.

Lighting during camping is important to ensure that you are able to carry on the fun into the night. It also allows you to walk around and work in and around the tent in the dark. Portable lights are a great advantage to campers as they allow you to enjoy proper lighting wherever you are on the camp site. The SUBOOS ultra bright LED tent light is a great option.


  • 60 LEDs with a 230 Lumens Maximum
    This justifies the presence of the ultra bright in the product name. The feature gives the lamp a range of up to 50 feet in illumination radius making it perfect for camping and a variety of other uses including cave exploration and emergency response.
  • Battery Powered
    With the SUBOOS LED tent lamp, you have two options in terms of power source. The first is a rechargeable battery which is powerful and long lasting but not very useful when there is no electricity source nearby for recharging. Your second option is to invest in 3 or more AAA batteries which although not rechargeable are useful even in the absence of electricity and can be bought in bulk.
  • Variable Brightness
    The lamp has three levels of brightness. The first is super bright and is best used outdoors where a wide illumination range is required for visibility. The second is the bright level that can also be used outdoors where there is not much need for wide field of view. Finally, the lowest lighting level is the dim level which is ideal for use in the tent to avoid eye strain due to extreme brightness.

Why You Need SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light?

You need a tent light to be able to find your way around the tent especially at night whether you are looking for something specific or your simply goofing around in the tent with your family or friends. The tent light also comes in handy outdoors around the camping site and even while exploring dark places such as caves. Finally, it is good to have a portable lamp such as the SUBOOS LED tent light for emergencies in your own home involving power blackouts.

How to Use SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light?

Using this lamp is not rocket science and simply involves flipping a switch to turn it either on or off. All you need to do is to ensure that you always have a spare set of recharged batteries to juice it for longer service. If you are using it within the tent, you can suspend it from the lamp hook on the tent roof if you tent has one. If the tent doesn’t have this feature, you can place it on an elevated surface such as a chair or camping bag to ensure maximum distribution of light.

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