Top 3 USA Camping Places

Look at the map of USA. You will able to realize how big it is! And this size is a big advantage to ardent campers. To interested in exploring a series of attractions ranging from nature’s blessings to man-made marvels. The country has something for everyone. So here is a guideline of top 3 USA camping places that you may love.

You can easily find various places for camping in such a big state and USA has all the options whether you are planning a camping trip. And with friends or family to visit the wild part of the state. Beautiful beaches, numerous state parks. And many such natural reserves can be easily found in USA. You can plan any type of camping in this state.

The huge opportunities and environments of USA are difficult to describe in an article. It has various excellent outdoor adventure areas for camping. Some of the most popular among the best places see below.

1. Hueco Tanks State Historic Site
2. Padre Island National Seashore and
3. Big Bend National Park

Top 3 USA Camping Places

To elaborate, these 3 places are considered a must visit if you live in USA or near USA. Many tourists come here to enjoy vacations and this wonderful land from all over the world. 3 best USA camping places are:

Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

This is one of the most fascinating area of USA and has various outdoor activities to offer other than rock climbing and camping. This place is famous for its cave walls that have the ancient Native American rock paintings. You need to reserve your trip at least two days in advance as this site is very popular and is crowded during season. You would have to pay some fee to enter this site but you would be fascinated by its outdoor activity and historical tours.

Padre Island National Seashore

It is a stretch ranging from Corpus Christi until Port Mansfield Cut and is known to be the longest undeveloped stretch of barrier island worldwide. You would get remote and remarkably beautiful seashore in the Padre Island region.

It is home of wide variety of floral life and animals. You can do beach combing, hiking, biking etc. or endeavour yourself with the aquatic animal and bird watching in this area along with other outdoor activities.

You can select any campsite of your choice, whether you like sophisticated or extremely basic campsites, Padre Island stretch has all to offer you. Facilities that are available at a campsite decide its camping fee. Although you need to get a permit for camping in this area but these are free of cost.

If you desire tent camping of “back to nature” types then you can opt for the campsites in the Yarborough Pass, South and North beaches that are deprived of any type of facilities. But if you feel that at least some facilities should be there then Malaquite Beach Campground is the place to visit.

USA Camping Places

Big Bend National Park

Want to see the wild and most beautiful land in USA? Then you should visit this 1,100 square miles national park. That has 8000 feet high mountains, river and desert. Therefore, it is a home of many interesting outdoor activities. Such as camping, rafting, fishing, biking, backpacking and hiking. All this can be easily enjoyed in Big Bend.

As a result, if you want to camp in Big Bend then you would be loaded with its exciting options. All the three campgrounds are very popular and elevations of around 1800 feet or higher than that. So it is advised that you reserve your camping trip in advance to avoid problems afterwards. There are various sites you should visit in each of the three campgrounds. I love go there often and I really enjoy. So as a result, I feel better always and I am happy with life enough. So now what about you?